Texts, Past Present Future

ArtBlog Reviews: Monthly coverage of shows in and around Philly, mostly painting.

Painting in the Fabric of the World: This piece was an exploration of color and form in response to paintings of Annette Wehrhahn and her forthcoming show at Soloway Gallery, NYC.

Jelly Fungus: An essay on fungi, art history, and neons written and presented for Proxyerotics, a symposium of international art writing hosted by the Royal College of Art, London. If you would like a zine containing the full length piece mailed to you, email me katherynbrock@gmail.com.

Disturbed Soils: A collection of essays that composed my thesis...in the process of becoming a book. I experimented in the process of ekphrasis, stretching time and place to encompass plant forms, stories of my grandfather, and the erotics of painting.

Empathy as Form: My mid-COVID reflection on the philosophy of Edith Stein and the Rossellini/Fellini film “The Flowers of St. Francis.” For Degree Critical. 

Dolorosa: An artist book of text/image collapse, writing on emmenagogues, the chapel of the way of the cross, Bologna, and landscape.